In this two day workshop, funded by ESEB’s equal opportunity initiative, we seek to identify and discuss such gender biased assumptions in scientific publications, as a gateway to more deeply analyze the way we make inferences in our scientific reasoning. The aims are to have two seminars and primarily spend time to analyze and discuss specific research papers that the participants themselves will select. Such papers can be either recent or older, theoretical or empirical, and should be about evolutionary biology somehow. The workshop itself will be oriented around two axes: a critical axis, where participants will identify, in the papers they chose, (i) biased assumptions, (ii) biased inferences and reasoning, and (iii) gaps in literature references; and a constructive axis, where participants will, based on these analyses, put forward guidelines and tools for specific activities of the scientific research process: from literature research and hypothesis building, to data gathering and analysis, to conclusion drawing and result discussions. The guidelines will then be published on this website and be linked on ESEB’s webpage as well. We wish to increase awareness around the underlying assumptions when we do science, and how this matters to what questions we ask and how we approach them. We hope these guidelines and tools will ensure the greatest scientific rigor of evolutionary biology research.

We are aiming for participants who are PhD students, Postdocs and researchers in evolutionary biology. We also welcome participants of other backgrounds (philosophy, humanities, statistics, etc.) with an interest in evolutionary biology. Those interested in coming will need to arrange travel and housing themselves (for cheap accommodation, check https://www.hostelworld.com/).

The workshop will take place at the Evolutionary Biology Center of Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden, on 26-27 of April 2018.

To participate, send an e-mail to Ingrid.Ahnesjo [at] ebc.uu.se before the 10th of April 2018. Participants will have to arrange travel and housing themselves (for cheap accommodation, check https://www.hostelworld.com/).

Participants can apply for the ESEB congress attendance aid grants (http://eseb.org/prizes-funding/equal-opportunities-initiative/congress-attendance-aid-grant/) before 16 February 2018.